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This is my attempt to increase the documentation of my work and hopefully to increase my web presence. I'll also keep the page updated with relevant Digital Funfair news and interesting links where appropriate.

Maybe it will even act as a catalyst for an increased throughput of ideas, a platform for learning (mine probably) and a place where I can pass on the information and knowledge I have picked up from the internet

Derry Culturetech


Mayor of Derry

The Digital Funfair travelled to Derry in Septemeber for Culturetech - a music and media festival. One night in a club and a day time event in the city centre went down well in this up and coming city. Here we see the Mayor of Derry on the Pacbike!

Derry seemed a really vibrant place and many of the people we met were excited about the future and putting the troubles behind them. There was a lot of creativity around and everyone we met was really welcoming."