The DIgital Funfair is wicked! You are a Genius! You are Going To Make A Lot Of Money!

About The Digital Funfair

Digital Funfair logo The Digital Funfair is one the most original, imaginative and eccentric sideshows in the country. A travelling collection of interactive installations, it has consistently amazed and enthralled visitors since it began in 2005. Mashing up popular culture, technology and the thrill of the fairground the Digital Funfair offers something to actually do in sharp contrast to the passive consumption offered by conventional entertainment. Featuring the mob spectacle of the Virtual Coconut Shy, semi-automatic dj-ing table the Beat Jigsaw and Smackbottoms - the worlds only mannequin based guitar hero game - The Digital Funfair is a space to play which sparks the imagination. It is funny peculiar, funny ha ha and pure unadulterated fun all at the same time.
Wickham Festval 2012 We have taken the show to shopping centres, muddy fields, museums, nightclubs and seen it dissolve differences in age, ability, gender and culture. From Ballycastle to Bucharest we've had people dragging their friends across festival sites to show them what they've just seen but can't describe. The Digital Funfair is a self contained attraction - we provide the tent, the games and the decor - all we need is a space, power and of course people. The attractions are continually being added to, changed and improved. To keep up with recent developments and current offerings, please visit our website at
`busking at Ars Electronica

The Digital Funfair started off as couple of installations held together with gaffa tape and hope, sited under a tarpaulin off the side of a lorry. It has steadily grown into a show which has toured extensively in the UK and Europe. We currently have two marquees,around ten different pieces which we regularly take out to shows and two sofas. Previous shows and clients include V & A, Science Museum, The South Bank Centre, Friends Of The Earth, Radio One Big Weekend, Sziget (Budapest), Latitude, Boomtown, Secret Garden Party, Maker Faire, Squidz Club. We have covered most areas of England from Devon to Tyneside, from Kent to the Lakes. We've taken the show to Northern Ireland, Portugal, France, Spain, Hungary, Austria and Rumania. We've visited museums, fields, pubs, clubs, cinemas, arts centres, schools, youth clubs, village halls, car parks, shopping centres, bridges and street corners! To many of those places we have taken a table tennis table AND a sofa.

About Gavin Morris

Gavin Morris

Gavin is generally regarded by his peers as very sarcastic. He is occasionally witty and often in front of a computer. After spending most of his teenage programming arcade games in machine code, at the age of sixteen he realized he may never leave the house and turned his computer off for fifteen years.

In the intervening period he became a philosophy student then a squatter, then a raver, then a traveller (whilst still being sarcastic) and a busker. He went to lots of parties, did alot of probably stupid dancing and went to Africa, learning basic truck mechanics and quite alot of Bob Marley songs on the guitar.

Tiring of constantly trying to keep cheap cars on the road before their inevitable trip to the scrapyard, Gavin rekindled his interest in computers. On the way to an apple picking job in Gloucester he discovered that he did not have a job to go to and instead did an MA in Digital Media. Such is modern life. He began to make odd things with computers and as they say, the rest is history!